At Softlogic, we are working together as a team to create an environment that is completely focused on securing a CAREER to our fellow students on successful completion of their training program. End of the day, we strive hard to ensure we create more and more lives through our quality training and placements.

We strictly abide by ethics and each and every one of our associates will definitely be happy end of every day that they have made a difference in someone’s life for the day. Softlogic believes in creating people. Softlogic has well defined HR system in place through which we effectively screen and select the right people and we train them to our requirement. We have a passion for Excellence. We also drive our human assets to settle down to nothing less than Excellence.

Nobody has ever defined and nobody will ever define a limit to human potential. We work all miracles in our business only through exploring the limitless human potential. In the expedition of exploring the untouched areas of the human potential we give GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES for our own people from one level to another based on their performance in the given profile. We strive to maintain a disciplined work culture; a value-based life style is imparted to our human assets to ensure them a complete growth ‘Personally’ and ‘Professionally’. On the whole the company works as “ONE TEAM”, towards “ONE COMMON GOAL” of bringing SUCCESS in each other’s lives.