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Enterprise Portals


Softlogic offers a complete set of implementation services centered on deploying Enterprise Portal solution that meets the unique requirements of your business environment and industry. We feel each client's needs are unique as such our Portal specialist pro+vides the framework, Technoltogy and methodology todevelop intranet, extranet, social collaboration suites, Dealer Portals, user experience platforms, mobile, and e-Commerce solutions.

Our expertise in multiple portal technologies help us give vendor neutral advice to our clients. The key to our success in this arena is the architecture which we choose, as it allows enterprise companies to reuse functionality, add additional features and makes.

Why Enterprise Portal

  • A single access and management point for web-based enterprise applications and services
  • Secure single sign-on eliminating need for multiple passwords
  • A platform for superior, convenient delivery of on-line services to customers
  • A platform for integrated access to document management and business intelligence systems
  • Simplified integration of third party products and services
  • Leverages existing investments in enterprise applications, data, staff and IT infrastructure

Solution Highlights


Collaboration and Communication:

  • Improve virtual communication and reduce miscommunication with tools like user communities, project teams, virtual meeting rooms, on-line chat, forums, Corporate blogs, newsletters/polls etc.


  • Our enterprise portal solution will seamlessly integrate with your legacy business applications
  • Integrate with your existing business process management
  • Integrate with your existing Ecommerce solution
  • Integrate with your ERP solution like SAP, Oracle EBs, PeopleSoft and in-house built ERP systems
  • Integrate with existing Document Management System or use portal's out of box DMS functionality

User and Role Management

  • User authentication with CAS, AD and LDAP
  • Implement single sign on using CAS
  • Enhanced user profiling with role based access to information

Data Management

  • Data authoring, version controlling, storing and publishing
  • Digital media distribution like audio/video streaming with integrated search
  • Enhanced Data mining

Content Management

  • Web based administration panels
  • Full life cycle of content creation and publishing with single source distribution
  • Enhanced portal mashups and content approval management
  • Creating governance process so that publishers can effectively balance the system.
  • Integration with content repository and external content

Softlogic Enterprse Portals – A Business Perspective:

Improve employee productivity, drive customer loyalty and grow revenues:


  • An automated and centralized hub for managing all vendor related activities
  • Reduce the 'requisition to order' cycle time
  • Enforce vendor compliance program and build stronger vendor relationships
  • Eliminate manual processing of purchase order tracking
  • Expedite scorecard reporting
  • Shipment packing wizard and distributor loyalty tracking program


  • Offer anywhere, anytime business information access to your employees through a Web browser.
  • Access corporate policy and procedure, Self-service and intranet transactions.
  • Improve employee communication, streamline the HR and Benefits Management functions, and provide customized employee information 24×7 from any location.
  • Improve communication by sharing company news and information with your workforce
  • Provides HR and managers instant, anytime access to the insight and tools needed to proactively manage their people and efficiently perform critical business activities
  • Enables employees to directly access their personal pay, benefits, HR, performance information, and more
  • Delivers quick access to rich, real-time business intelligence and reporting across all areas of human capital management


  • Able to provide self-service interface to customers 24/7 to access company infomation
  • Expedite customer requests through customer portal for faster customer service
  • Allow customers to report a problem, or request information with a simple e-mail, expediting customer requests.
  • Provide a market platform for your products and services
  • Customized content and messaging within the portal enables you to deliver targeted marketing and promotional messaging to your entire customer base


  • Enables your customers, vendors, business partners and employees to directly access relevant business information
  • Enables to have multiple dashboards on various parameters to get to better decision making
  • Standard based web application which gives the ROI in terms of application usability, integration
  • Collaboration improves business efficiency and corporate knowledge capital and reduces production and travel costs.
  • Improves productivity via collaborative capabilities that improve customer and vendor services
  • Ability to create new workflow and set process according to business strategy.

CAS Single sign on(SSO)

CAS is a widely adopted SSO solution at universities, non-profits, non- governmental organizations, governments, small businesses, and large corporations around the world

Provides a centrally managed authentication experience once per browser session and while authenticated to CAS can log into multiple applications without again being prompted for credentials and without those applications ever seeing the user's password.

Designed from the ground up to be an extensible platform with well- designed plugin APIs.

What CAS can do for you?
  • Reduces security risks by reducing the exposure of the user's password to applications.
  • Centralizes the institutional n login experience.
  • Protects against both credential proliferation and password exposure
  • Allows participating applications to share a single sign-on session.
  • Supports authenticating users via passwords validated against LDAP (including Active Directory) and databases
  • Supports audit and even restriction of who is accessing which service
  • Easily integrate with enterprise business applications

Email Collaboration

  • Delivers an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution
  • Provides the robust email and diary functions and enhances them with an administration-friendly web interface and built-in cloud document storage.
  • Includes advanced spam and virus protection, keeping your inbox safe from harm.
  • Flexibility working across all platforms: Desktops, mobiles, tablets and the web.
  • Dedicated control panel gives you the power to create email addresses or aliases, change user passwords, restrict and control user rights and perform other admin duties.

Chat Collaboration

  • Set up password-protected chat rooms and Invite a client, colleague, or vendor to chat, collaborate, and make decisions.
  • Link to a room on your intranet for internal communications.
  • Collaborate with peers by securely sharing work files in the context of business and also set audio alerts and engage in multiple chats.
  • Gives information on who is logged on, their statuses, and any chats the logged-in user has open.
  • Provides a convenient way of allowing users to send each other instant messages when they are logged into a Intranet site.

DMS Document Management System

Document Libraries allow you to manage uploaded files through your intranet or extranet site without going to the administration interface.

Provides a mechanism for storing files online using the same type of structure that you use to store files locally.

Ability to store files of any kind; it serves as a virtual shared drive, and can mount and browse external repositories.

Collaborate with document users with Check-in and check-out feature and with effective document workflow management

permission management on the file or Document Library level and version history & archiving feature.

Companion portlets will displays selected images, audio and video files from the Documents and Media library.

Include customizable document types and metadata sets, automatic document preview generation, and support for mounting multiple external repositories.


  • Provides a single presentation layer for integrating all enterprise systems into a single easy to use interface for end users.
  • Supports multiple methods to integrate, including SOAP, REST, RSS, as well as proprietary API's.
  • Out of box solutions offering web publishing, content management, collaboration and social networking.
  • Pull all of your different systems together and make them available by logging in just once via the secure SSO.
  • Administrators can customize, edit, add, and change user attributes directly from portal, without needing to modify their database.
  • Advanced personalization via Drools allows for "contextual personalization", the specification of content, functionality, and features based on a user's location, activities, and their other self-defined profile attributes
  • Users can be intuitively grouped into a hierarchy of "organizations" or cross-organizational "user groups," providing flexibility and ease of administration.
  • Developed using an open SOA strategy that makes it the choice of enterprises worldwide for enterprise application integration
  • Depending on what an administrator allows, users can personalize portal pages by adding, removing, positioning content or portlet attributes
  • Portals allow multiple user types to access a single URL and access a unique page view depending on the users role, group, organization or personal preferences.
  • International or multi-lingual organizations get out of the box support for 30+ languages. Users can toggle between different language settings with just one click.
  • Allows users to move different elements around in the portal by simply dragging and dropping them into place.
  • Allows you to incorporate workflow into any of your own custom portlets by leveraging our portal's workflow APIs.
  • Allows users to create their own workflow and define the number of approval paths based on their own unique business requirements and operational needs.
  • Gives administrators access to key performance statistics (hits/page, avg time/hit, max time per request, and more) for all portlets and portal pages
  • Automatically syncs files from the document library to your local desktop. Changes from local files update automatically in the remote Document Library.
  • Tag web content, documents, message board threads and more to dynamically share important or interesting content with other portal users.