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Linux Services

Softlogic Computer Solutions offers complete range of GNU / Linux services and solutions in US, whether it is a simple Mail server installation or the most complex Firewall & VPN setup, Our expert team will deliver effective results. For all your requirements like GNU / Linux activities, installations, technical support or consultancy we are the most trusted company in US.

Whether your servers are hosted with third parties or are located in your office, whether you require contracted unlimited support services or hourly support services, you'll receive exceptional server support from Softlogic at all times.

When it comes to Linux servers, Utilization of a server management solution is the only certain way of maintaining uptime, preserving system security and ensuring service availability. Softlogic's technical services are provided over a wide range of nix-based platforms, including most common variants of Linux (such as Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and others), as well as FreeBSD.

For all your open source requirements, our experienced team of GNU / Linux consultants, system engineers and developers will provide one stop solution. As now a day Security is a major concern when it comes to business data in organizations Our GNU / Linux solution puts more effort on giving our clients a stable and secure solution that will help take the pressure of maintaining business operations off their shoulders.

Our Services

Server administration

Softlogic's dedicated team can provide remote Server Administration services to its client. We have gained expertise in providing knowledgeable, efficient and comprehensive server administration which allows our clients to concentrate on their business without worrying about the technology on which it relies.

Linux Flavors

We provide our services for different flavors of Linux such as Linux Mint, RHEL, Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat etc

Caching Proxy Server

Caching Proxy Server allows companies to save on their bandwidth through content caching. Cached content means data is served locally and users will see this through faster download speeds with frequently-used content. Plus, access can be allowed/disallowed to end-users based on various criteria like IP or MAC address, username, time of day, requested URL etc. We also log a lot of data including URLs requested, the exact date and time, the name and version of the requester's web browser etc.

Backup/Restore of Server and Websites

Softlogic's backup service solution provides secure, reliable protection and quick information recovery and retrieval. We have gained expertise in transferring data from your locations to a specially designed off-site data center over our secure high-speed network.

Our solutions will help you in improving performance and controlling costs and Our clients have realized the advantage of off-site data protection while taking advantage of usage-based utilities to meet data growth without limits.

Automated Tasks (Cron job)

Automated Cron run a task automatically the background at fixed time or specific time intervals depending upon the necessity of the task that has to be executed. Cron were use to automatically take backup from servers, or synchronize different folders or files and much more.

The task that is to be executed is known as a cronjob, and crontab can be defined as a table that stores the list of cronjobs that are being executed in a system.

Softlogic follows a well defined plan to implement cron jobs which helps application functionalities run smoothly without interruption.

Performance Tuning of Linux Services

To identify system bottlenecks and come up with solutions to fix it, Linux system administrators should be proficient in performance monitoring and tuning. And they should understand how various components of Linux works. Softlogic's engineers understand how various components of Linux works to optimize performance; Softlogic offers the Linux System Tuning service. Operating systems may be easy to use from the outside, but to provide the best performance, they need experts who can look inside and tune them properly. Softlogic's engineers know exactly where to work on and tune all relevant parameters that influence system performance, including:

Error monitoring
Process management
Kernel configuration
Swap and disk-space management
Memory management