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Salesforce & Paas

Solution Overview

Design & deploy applications quickly and efficiently, and let them function reliably is the Softlogic paradigm while using Sales Force. Enterprises can automate their business processes either by using existing functionality or by developing new functionality. Our solutions enables enterprises to work more productively, track growth targets in real-time, and collaborate effectively across all boundaries.

We have provided an array of new features adding further capabilities for mobile and social tasks, forecasting and analytics, productivity and collaboration. Our clients have achieved unparalleled productivity, revenue growth and the ability to hit the road quickly using our PaaS deployments.

Why Sales Force & PaaS

Salesforce or PaaS can empower you with the cloud computing capabilities and customized workflow processes you need for better customer insight, better visibility into sales and service metrics, and more accurate forecasting.

Solution Highlights

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Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is one of the most powerful tools a business can have in its IT arsenal. It's a best-in-class sales, service and marketing application being positioned as a leader in Garner's Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation for the past seven years.

Salesforce.com's entire suite of on-demand customer relationship management services is guaranteed to deliver tremendous sales and service support to enterprises of all sizes. There's no software to buy, no hardware to buy, but all the tools and services an organization's sales representatives, managers and executives need are available on-demand and all in one place. Salesforce enables enterprises to work more productively, track growth targets in real-time, and collaborate effectively across all boundaries. And with its recent Spring '13 release, Salesforce has released an array of new features adding further capabilities for mobile and social tasks, forecasting and analytics, productivity and collaboration.

At Softlogic, we're always eager to help our customers work more productively, achieve greater sales, and tangible success and we're keen to get you started quickly and cost-effectively on a smooth and successful Salesforce implementation, with all the enhancements you need for an effective CRM solution and greater ROI on your investment.

We've been helping businesses with CRM solutions worldwide for the past seven years and can help you deploy additional functionality and integrate other valued products into a customized, powerful end-to-end Salesforce CRM solution.

Our CRM consultants have delivered CRM solutions for organizations in a large number of industry verticals and understand diverse business processes and workflow requirements. They work with you to ensure you have a Salesforce solution that matches your unique business needs and provide Salesforce customization services if Salesforce doesn't natively support the functionality you need.

Our Salesforce implementation and customization services include setting-up, configuring, and customizing all editions of:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Chatter (Collaboration Cloud)
  • Force.com (including development and implementations)

As part of the set-up, we create the email templates, workflows and approval processes required for business process automation. We also create the custom reports and dashboards your organization needs for better access to key sales and service metrics. In addition, we also offer our implementation services to help you leverage the new features of the Spring release that are available for existing Salesforce users but require setting up.

We also offer offshore custom Salesforce development services where we work remotely based on a customer's requirements.

Sales Force Customization & Development

Though Salesforce has an ever-growing and diverse range of capabilities, custom development is sometimes required to leverage its full capabilities or to add new functionality for an organization's unique business needs. Salesforce has provided the tools to modify or extend its functionality over and above what is possible through configuration and with our expertise in similar technology we can use these tools efficiently to provide you customization and development services and an optimized Salesforce environment.

Using Apex, the Java-like, Force.com programming language, Ktree can modify your Salesforce environment or create a new application on the Force.com platform based on your requirements. We can use Apex to develop database triggers, write custom-code to perform functions that will perform complex calculations, manipulate data stored in any Salesforce object and create powerful dashboards, forecasts and reports, perform scheduled jobs and update fields.

Other customizations we can give your Salesforce environment include custom objects, formulas and fields, custom approvals, enhanced workflows and security.

Using Visualforce, we can create an entirely new, personalized UI. With Apex at the back-end, you can build entirely new applications on the Salesforce platform and also develop external storefronts and customer or partner portals to integrate with your Salesforce environment.

With Salesforce sites developed in Visualforce (and Apex) we can enable data-driven, public (or authenticated) web pages to be published from your Salesforce system to deliver event registration sites, event calendars, forms for submission, etc. We can also extend internal applications to a public, external facing website not requiring user authentication.

  • Ecommerce Orders as SAP Orders
  • Materials & Price from SAP as Products in ecommerce
  • Creation of Delivery in SAP, updated to the Order in Ecommerce

Sales Force Integration

We offer integration as a service to help you integrate your Salesforce cloud-based CRM with critical on-premises, independent systems or external cloud-based applications.

The integration is done using any of several approaches. We decide the most viable approach after assessing your challenges, your needs and goals. We can provide integration using prebuilt, native connectors available on the AppExchange, Salesforce's marketplace for cloud computing applications. We can also provide custom integrations using APIs (SOAP and REST APIs with Apex (Force.com's programming language) or any other language of choice (Java, .NET, PHP or others). Another approach we could follow for integration is by invoking web services from the Force platform. Apart from full-scale integrations, typical Salesforce integrations usually required by customers are:

  • HR and ERP applications, financial software (QuickBooks), call center and point-of-sales (POS) platforms, logistics, and legacy systems.
  • Batch Data Integration, ETL, and Scheduled Import Processes

By integrating your multiple enterprise applications into the Salesforce cloud-computing architecture, we give you a fully integrated and secure CRM environment, which simplifies:

  • Data synchronization between multiple enterprise software, eg. Oracle, SAP.
  • Automation of mission critical business processes.
  • Web-based document exchange with business partners.

The integration ensures your data is accessible for business analytics and reporting statistics and management has access to consistent and completely up-to-date data to help make more insightful business decisions.

Our recent integrations have included Salesforce Moodle integration (to integrate the authentication mechanisms for SSO and to enable access to courses from the Salesforce dashboard), Salesforce Magento (business logic integration) and Salesforce Pentaho (data integration). We also have an early mover advantage in the financial services market, where we've provided CRM integration and workflow automation for a US financial advisor. Greater co-ordination among their multiple, independent systems help our client manage their practice better.

Sales Force Administration and Remote Support

Whatever the scale, and complexity of your Salesforce implementation and your business processes, you require dedicated resources to administer a CRM solution as versatile and as powerful as Salesforce.

Our Salesforce Administration and Remote Support Services provide you access to a pool of skilled resources for remote technical support and maintenance of your Salesforce environment post-implementation. With our flexible support services, there's no need for you to hire in-house administrators or consultants.

We have skilled technical and functional resources to manage technical and administrative issues remotely and to provide ongoing administration and maintenance services based on your requirements, both short-term and long-term. Depending on your requirements we can provide dedicated resources either onsite or offsite, part-time or full-time and can customize our packages based on the size of your implementation and the level of support or the hours of support required.

To help you realize the full potential of Salesforce, our experts provide a wide range of administrative support services, including:

  • Creating and managing users and assigning them to workflows, etc
  • Creating roles and permissions to restrict access to certain areas of your Salesforce environment
  • Validating and managing data (extract, transfer and import)
  • Developing reports and dashboards
  • Customizing page layouts, custom and formula fields, lookups etc
  • Maintaining and customizing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other Salesforce applications, and object maintenance
  • Implementing workflow and workflow approvals and automation

An onsite support presence will allow you to have the benefit of fast post-deployment reconfiguration when it is needed for adapting to changes in the organization or for setting up new features rolled out by Salesforce from time to time.