QA Service

Quality Assurance Services

Softlogic Infosystems having over two decades experience in software application design and development, we have a mature quality assurance and testing methodologies in place; methodologies that have helped us successfully deliver enterprise grade solutions to the Fortune 1000 companies. Quality Assessment is not an incidental process. A good QA strategy holds the key to successful product development, the reason why we rigorously implement the QA process throughout the SDLC or PDLC; right from the requirement stage through to the construction stage.
What adds a genuine stamp of authority to our offering is our Quality Assurance team. The Softlogic Infosystems team comprises of quality analysts, auditors, lead appraisers and quality consultants, apart from competent testing engineers. With 100 + man-years of experience in implementing and auditing projects across domains and industry verticals, our team delivers services that give your products the extra edge essential to win customers.

Implementing Softlogic Infosystems rigorous QA practices help clients:

  • Reduce SDLC times and production costs
  • Deliver high-quality output through customized tests and stringent QA practices
  • Deploy and deliver projects, on time and within budgetary constraints
  • Ensure high level of data security and IP Protection of sensitive personal data
  • Reduce TCO, improve market standing and earn greater ROI
  • Core Competencies

  • Test Planning
  • Test-case Development
  • Logo Pre-testing
  • Acceptance code testing developed under contract with 3rd party
  • Stress Testing
  • Application Maintenance (quick fix engineering; service packs)
  • Reverse Engineering of applications with undocumented code
  • Testing Services

    Testing is an integral part of Software development and plays a vital role in the delivery of quality products. Softlogic Infosystems believes that to ensure quality, it is not only necessary to rectify bugs but also essential to locate the root cause for such occurrences. This helps in the prevention of bugs in the early stages of the testing cycle. Testing – Development Products For product development, advancement, implementation and maintenance projects, Softlogic Infosystems follows a rigorous testing methodology encompassing:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Testing Engineers from Softlogic Infosystems are equipped to handle both manual testing using test plans/test cases and automated testing using tools. They fully understand the need for rigorous testing from offshore and that has helped Softlogic Infosystems deliver quality products time and again.Softlogic Infosystems has extensive experience in automating the test scenarios and cases, for better regression testing.

    Automation Testing

    Softlogic Infosystems testing team has expertise in adopting/embracing the latest automation tools available in the industry for testing. Apart from creating scripts using these standard tools, our test engineers are also involved in creating product/technology-specific test framework using different languages like, PHP, Java, Python and PERL.
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